How Do I Get Out?

How Do I Get Out?

Is it Time to Get Out of Your Timeshare?

legally and permanently

Everyone loves to get away, and a timeshare seems like a great way to relax and build memories with friends and loved ones at your favorite vacation spot. Maybe you didn’t seek out timeshare ownership but were presented with an opportunity to own a piece of paradise that seemed too good to pass up. Or perhaps you simply inherited your timeshare as part of a relative’s estate.

Whatever drew you to timeshare ownership, your timeshare experience likely worked out for you for the first few years. You enjoyed your special trips to your favorite vacation spot and you look back fondly at those magical weeks with your loved ones.

But over time, timeshare ownership can start to feel burdensome as you struggle to reserve your preferred dates and expenses mount. There are many reasons why you might seek to get out of your timeshare including:

  • Your budget is tighter than it used to be, and paying the monthly mortgage on your timeshare no longer seems doable, not to mention the cost of traveling to your timeshare.
  • Your kids are grown and you no longer need such a large property.
  • Your health has declined and you no longer can nor wish to travel.
  • You are frustrated with trying to get the dates you want to visit your timeshare.
  • You are overwhelmed by the constantly increasing maintenance fees.
  • You’ve realized that your timeshare could become a burden to your heirs and you want to save them from that.

Whatever your specific reason, it’s become clear that you no longer want or need your timeshare. You likely found that your developer was less than helpful when you tried reaching out to them to see if they could help you. Then you discovered that your timeshare isn’t worth anything on the flooded re-sale market. You might be feeling out of control and trapped. And that’s never a good feeling.

Titan Exit Group wants to help you get out of that trap. We’ll walk you through the process and help you get back in control. The first step is to reach out to us to get the conversation started…

Our Process for Getting you Out of Your timeshare…

Investigate & Explore

To start the conversation, simply reach out to us via phone or request a free consultation. We’ll begin by asking you questions to learn about the particulars of your unique situation. Then we’ll explore and explain the options available to get your timeshare canceled. And we’ll answer any questions you still have about the timeshare cancellation process.

Implement & Advocate

Once we’ve decided on the best course of action to get you out of your timeshare, our team of experts will get the process started and continue to advocate for you until your timeshare is canceled to your satisfaction. We never want you to feel in the dark, so your dedicated caseworker will keep you posted through every step of the process.

Resolve & Celebrate

When your timeshare is canceled, we’ll provide you with a letter from your timeshare developer that clears you of any further financial responsibility regarding the timeshare. Finally breaking free from your timeshare headaches and the never-ending expenses is definitely a cause for celebration!

Happy Clients

“I’m grateful for TEG, they helped my grandparents out of the clutches of timeshare debt. The team was great and held their hand every step of the way. Thank you!”


“Great Company for Time Share Help.”


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